Better Data Leads to Better Decisions

Qudol algorithmically unifies market data
from any source, at any point in time.

Unlimited History

Qudol has no limits on data sources or depth of history. Run your reports and analytics without constraints.


Qudol delivers a single source of truth. Spend more time crunching numbers rather than cleaning them.

Customizable Off-the-Shelf

Qudol securely trains on your organization's data and systematically adjusts to fit your needs.

How it Works

No More Data Wrangling.

Qudol harmonizes all of your external and internal reference data into a standardized source of truth, giving you complete visibility and transparent data provenance for the things that matter.

Use Cases

We Love Tough Problems

Qudol has a reputation for tackling some of the most difficult data challenges.
And you don't need to hire an army to do it.

Historical Security Master

Qudol algorithmically identifies, generates, and maintains unique firm-wide security identifiers ("QUIDs") over extended histories with comprehensive cross-references to other vendor identifiers.

Proprietary matching algorithm


Customizable rules and hierarchies

External data vendors and internal sources


Accurate Risk Exposure and AUM
Around Cross-Investments

Qudol can continuously analyze shareholder positions to unravel deeply nested cross-investments and accurately assess firm-wide risk exposures along each nested path.

Accurate to the last penny

Qudol drills down across countries and currencies to unravel lineage and calculate residual - without rounding errors.

Carry forward point-in-time valuations

Multiple views

Probable cause analytics


Avoid Data Migration
Even When Your Other Systems Change

Qudol can serve as the final arbiter data hub, sourcing historical data from older systems and continuously feeding newer systems. Spare yourself the agony of repeated historical data migration.

M&A activity

System upgrades

Cloud migration

New third-party apps


“While we explored a number of options for how to clean and manage multiple data sets from dozens of different sources, Qudol offered a solution no other vendor had: the ability to pull in the historical data our portfolio managers rely on to make the best investment decisions.”

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