Firm-Wide Truth,
Delivered Anytime.

Qudol Data Refinery transforms essential business data and distributes it across your organization.

Freedom from Repetition and Silos

Qudol Data Refinery cleans, validates, and transforms all of your data,
and delivers it to each of your business units exactly how they need it.


One Truth, Many Views

Qudol Data Refinery creates unified data and then expresses it in as many variant views as necessary. This eliminates the wasteful actions of expensive last-mile resources β€” informal, inconsistent, and repetitive "massaging" prior to analysis β€” saving you time and headache.



Qudol is focused on distribution. Data Refinery delivers point-in-time, firm-wide snapshots that are tailored to the needs of each consuming user and system.

Immediate ROI

Qudol Data Refinery is sophisticated enough to be a comprehensive data platform, yet lightweight enough to be deployed concurrently with existing data infrastructures to reap immediate returns by solving specific business problems.


Aggregate. Distribute.

Qudol Data Refinery is self-discovering, self-healing, and event-driven.
Get the data that you want, exactly when and where you need it.


Qudol starts with your needs and delivers a full data solution.

We work with you to define your vision and requirements, and then we take care of the rest.

Defining your data end-state

We start out with a short conversation to determine how to plug Qudol Data Refinery into your infrastructure to quickly maximize return.

Ready, Configure, Load

Set your configuration parameters and connect your existing data sources. Particularly challenging situations? Let's talk, we've probably seen in it before!

Data Distribution

Qudol distributes the data you need, when you need it, to end users and applications. We have a pre-defined set of apps and views, and can integrate with pretty much anything else.

Features and Benefits

We are a complete solution for all your data quality needs.

Data Refinery

Automatic De-Duplication

Machine-Generated Logic

Curated Content

Vendor-Neutral Data Structures

Time Dimensionality

Separation of Aggregation from Distribution

Native Apps

Historical Security Master

Cross-Investment Risk

Firm-Wide, Multi-Asset AUM

Firm-Wide Data Integrity Architecture (BCBS-239)

Trade Restrictions (vs. Pre-Trade Compliance)

And much more!


β€œThe solutions developed by Qudol, which blended their in-depth understanding of financial concepts and the unique requirements of our business, were cornerstones of our success.”

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